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Telegram Crypto Trading Sites

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Отправлено 24 Декабрь 2022 - 03:07

I have lost almost 1600$
for trusting in one fake
Trader last year. This my
At that time I was badly in need of money.
I decided to try one of those
mushrooming Telegram trading
They say they never dm first
and I must start messaging them first.

That is the first trick to gain
trust of the customer.
They asked me to start with
50$ and in 6 hours I could
get 400$.
After 6 hours they called
me for my permission to put
my profit in PROMO PLAN,
That generate 3000$ profit.
Without much thought I agreed.

After two days they sent messages
Asking my wallet address to
transfer my profit.
After I inform them the details
they informed me my wallet needs
to activate first before sendingsuch a big amount.
Asking 150$ btc for wallet activation
and if delayed paying it will
increase day by day.
As they asked me to send even a
Small amount to keep my account active.
In this way they taken around
1600$ during 3 months period
and finally I realised that it
never going to send my profit.

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