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Sport is a way of life

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Отправлено 21 Декабрь 2022 - 10:41

Sport is one of the most important activities that everyone should practice as a way of life on a permanent basis, and not make it linked to a specific place or time. It is possible to practice sports daily in simple ways by walking, running, or practicing some light sports movements in an entertaining and enjoyable way. Sports is a great blessing and everyone can start with ease. Sport is the fuel of the body and mind. Sport is very important for the body and mind together. It revitalizes the body, gives it vitality and energy, increases positive energy and reduces negative energy. That is why psychiatrists and other pathologists recommend the need to exercise the body to stimulate it to recover, because it has a strong effect on the immune system, as it works to strengthen it and motivate it to work. It also helps the individual to overcome psychological conditions, such as: anxiety, depression, and stress, as exercise helps stimulate the body to secrete happiness hormones, and this in turn greatly improves mood, and whoever exercises has a high physical fitness that makes him stronger and more able to withstand various pressures, The poet Omar Faroukh said: Live with me, sport has benefits for our aspiring youth, providing them with strong bodies and instilling in them strong morals. Sport helps in giving logical solutions to the crises that a person goes through from a psychological point of view; Because it stimulates positive thinking, as the effect of sports is very great on the mind, and this is what makes many people who have experienced the effect of sports in their lives keen to practice sports on a daily and regular basis, and it is not a condition that the person participates in the gym in order to do it, because sports can be practiced at home. in many ways. Sport contributes to openness between societies. Because it brings together people from different cultures and fans of the same sports teams, and this increases the openness of peoples to each other, and enhances respect and tolerance among them. who practice it professionally. Sport is the factory of the wise. Today, sport has become an open arena for competition and creativity among the contestants. Where many people practice it professionally, and they reach advanced positions by breaking records and fame and achieving many gains, and this means that sport is not just a hobby, but can be exploited so that it becomes a means to win and achieve gains, and no matter how different the method of exercising is, its benefits are the most important and they are The ultimate goal. Sport is characterized by its variety, and a person can choose what suits him from it, as some can practice aerobic sports, such as: walking, football, basketball, etc., while some prefer water sports, such as: swimming and water skiing, and some can practice strength sports, such as Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Wrestling, etc. The famous basketball player Michael Jordan said: “I always play to win, whether it's during training or a real match.” The state should also encourage people to practice sports, especially children and youth, by joining sports clubs, so they go to them in their free time and practice playing in various sports under the supervision of coaches or under the supervision of parents. Students to practice sports with passion and love. At the same time, the media plays an important role in educating people about the importance of exercising. Through audio, visual and print media and social media, people are usually influenced by what experts say about the benefits and harms. Sport is an arena for competition and creativity In conclusion, sport has countless benefits, and it is not limited to one or two benefits, as the person practicing sports feels that he is in a state of constant activity, and enjoys a more restful sleep than the lazy person who is used to sitting in his place for long hours, without moving the figure What is required is strength, vitality and activity

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