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Cybercriminals are sending fake e-mails with the lure of verifying Twitter accounts

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Cybercriminals are sending fake e-mails to steal passwords
Cybercriminals send fake e-mails to steal passwords Reuters
Elon Musk, the world's richest man, took ownership of Twitter on Thursday. Soon after taking ownership, he fired several top executives and became the chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter himself.

After Elon Musk took over, Twitter said it would cost $8 a month to use a verified account. However, as no information has been given about when this program will start or how to pay the money, various kinds of speculations are going on among the users. Cybercriminals steal Twitter account passwords by sending fake e-mails based on users' interests.

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Twitter is finally giving the opportunity to edit tweets

Cybercriminals send a link to fill out a form called the Twitter Help Form with the e-mail sent to fool Twitter users. Many people get confused by the name of the Twitter help form and enter the link and submit their Twitter account name and password.

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Complaints about the decrease in the number of Twitter followers
Complaints about the decrease in the number of Twitter followers

Even if the fake e-mails sent from Gmail addresses contain links to Google Docs, users' information is stored on a different website. Because of this, account passwords of Twitter users easily get into the possession of cybercriminals. After learning about the matter, Google quickly disabled Gmail accounts and Google Docs used by cybercriminals.

Cyber ​​experts have advised Internet users to be careful about fake e-mails to protect their information. They also advise against clicking on links and downloading attachments in fake e-mails.

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