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Online shopping fraud is on the rise, says cyber security firm NortonLifeLock. According to a study titled 'Consumer Cyber ​​Safety Pulse Report' conducted by the company's research institute Norton Labs, cybercriminals often make fake or tempting offers of various products online to lure customers. Such offers are often offered on various essential products including electronics, jewellery, clothing.

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Android smartphone users at risk of surveillance
Android smartphone

Fake websites offer tempting offers as well as fake positive reviews about products. As a result, many people mistake it as a real online shop. But in most cases, customers are given fake products when they apply to fake online shops. Many buyers don't even get the product they paid for. Not only that, cybercriminals also collect various information, e-mail or social networking site account addresses of users in the name of product order or delivery. As a result, users' online security is threatened.

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Malware is spreading from Google Play Store
Apps capable of introducing malware should be removed quickly

Research has shown that nearly 80 percent of websites provide users' search history to various organizations. By reviewing the search history it is possible to know the interests of the users as well as to identify the location through their IP address. In addition to advertising campaigns, phishing attacks are also carried out using this information.

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Microsoft's advice on protecting against ransomware
Awareness is essential in protecting against ransomware attacks.
Norton Labs recommends several precautions to avoid fraud in online shopping. According to the company, one should be careful if unknown websites offer to sell products at prices lower than the market price. If in doubt, check the domain address of the website. At the same time, unfamiliar financial transactions should be avoided

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