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Malware spreading through fake WhatsApp

server attack

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Malware spreading through fake WhatsApp
Technology desk
Published: 18 October 2022, 16:12
Malware is spreading through malicious apps
Malicious malware is spreading through apps linked to malware Reuters
``Yo WhatsApp'' app is spreading malware on users' mobile phones with the temptation of providing various benefits on WhatsApp. As the fake WhatsApp app escaped the eyes of Google's security system and entered the Play Store, many people thought it was a new version of WhatsApp and used it. The malicious app with malware was detected by the cyber security firm Kaspersky.

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Initiative to stop taking screenshots of WhatsApp messages

According to Kaspersky, 'Yo WhatsApp 2.22. 11.75' version found a suspicious module named 'Trojan.AndroidOS.dottriadad.EQ'. It contains harmful malware. As a result, malware enters the user's computer or mobile phone by downloading the fake WhatsApp. The malware can bypass the original WhatsApp security system to steal information from users' accounts as well as register usage of various services in exchange for money. It even pays for using various services. Not only that, the control of the users' WhatsApp accounts also goes into the hands of cybercriminals.

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Sender's photo can also be seen along with messages in WhatsApp groups

'Yo WhatsApp' app lets you exchange messages like WhatsApp. It even allows control of various devices and services on the phone like WhatsApp while downloading. Many people mistake the app for a new version of WhatsApp, as it allows easy blocking of specific people along with custom interface controls.

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WhatsApp messages can be deleted even after two and a half days
WhatsApp has increased the time to delete messages.

Kaspersky recommends using only official versions of WhatsApp to protect yourself from fake WhatsApp. The company also requested users to quickly delete the app from their mobile phones.

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