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Arcenic distroiable


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Отправлено 17 Сентябрь 2022 - 03:37

In the nineties, the problem of arsenic became evident in the country. At that time, the arsenic problem and solution of Bangladesh became important as an essay in Bengali grammar books. This essay also became known in exam questions. However, due to long efforts and effective initiatives by the government and private sector and creating public awareness, Bangladesh became arsenic free. This is one of our achievements in public health in the last few decades. However, in recent times, we see that the arsenic problem has again become a cause of concern in several parts of the country. Last May, high levels of arsenic were detected in 2,500 tube wells in Shariatpur Sadar. This time, arsenic attacked Dhamrai upazila near the capital Dhaka. People there are afraid of this.

Prothom Alo reports that under a project of the Upazila Public Health Office, 42 thousand 500 deep and shallow tube wells of 16 unions and 1 municipality are being tested. Among them, arsenic was found in 970 after testing the water of 32 thousand 100 tube wells till last Thursday. There is no doubt that this number will increase by the end of the entire project. As safe water is not readily available, many residents are using arsenic-laced water. Many people are not paying attention to this matter. Arsenic tube wells have no warning except red markings. There is also considerable lack of creating awareness.

Two years ago, arsenic was found in the tube wells of several villages in the upazila. At that time, when new tube wells were installed, arsenic was also detected in their water. In such a situation, the residents of Dhamrai are terrified. A resident of Kushura Union says, 'Everyone is afraid. Let the government give us new tube wells, or else do something, so that we can live by drinking good water.'

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