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Low Internet prices in the country means bad

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Yasin Arafat, a computer engineer, uses a broadband package of Tk 1500 per month. He said that considering the experience of India and Malaysia, the pace of Bangladesh is not good. He further said that the operators maintain good quality in the beginning but do not maintain it later. Apart from this, the speed also decreases due to the large number of shared networks.

Regarding mobile internet, this customer said that the speed depends on the area. If you are in the city it is good but if you go to Mofswale or a small village the condition of mobile internet is very bad.

About 130 million people use the Internet in countries like Yassin Arafat's. People in urban areas as well as remote areas are getting used to internet day by day. According to the data of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) last July, the number of internet users in the country is 12.75 million. Among them, mobile internet subscribers are 11 crore 64 lakh and broadband users are 1 crore 11 lakh.

The country is lagging behind in both broadband and mobile internet
Deshfile picture lags behind in both broadband and mobile internet
According to the statistics of the British organization Cable.co.uk, which reviews the price and speed of the Internet, the price of the Internet in Bangladesh is relatively low. But considering the quality, Bangladesh is still at the bottom compared to other countries.

Cable.co.uk did a report on mobile data prices around the world in September. It has compared the cost of 1GB of 5000 mobile data plans in 233 countries.

Bangladesh is ranked 12th in the list of countries with the lowest mobile internet prices in the list of cable.co.uk. It was at 8th position last time. The average price of 1 GB data in Bangladesh is 0.32 dollars. In Bangladeshi currency, 1 GB costs on average 30 taka 41 paisa. Although last year this price was 0.34 dollars or 32.31 taka.

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